You Are Just One Funnel Away from More Traffic, Leads and Sales - Let Us Build YOUR Funnel for Your Business!
Our Primary Focus is to See The Local Business Owner Get More Leads, Customers, Sales and Exposure Using Proper Sales Funnels.

To accomplish this, we design specific marketing funnels and initiatives to expose people to your business and products offers. We provide “Done For You” services. Click on the icons below to learn about a specific service or call us - we can help!
Stop Using "Brochure" Websites That Explain Everything And Stall Your Customers Due to Multiple Offers that Confuse Them!
Our Services
With over 600 webinars performed and $25 million in co-created sales - we know a thing or two about selling with webinars or selling with VSLs (Video Sales Letters). We will help you craft the perfect webinar or video sales letter to sell your high ticket or low ticket products.
Maybe a Webinar is not needed and you just want to focus on a Single Product funnel. We can set this up for you too. Use your own merchant account or we can help you get a new one. Upsells and downsells - we can build it for you too.
Want to capture more leads and build a list? We use Facebook Lead Gen Ads plus Website conversion ads to send traffic to your squeeze pages, measure optin percentages and tweak them so you get more leads for less!
For most people, Paid Facebook Ads are a mystery. We've mastered the Facebook platform and know how to get clicks, visitors, optins and sales using "Message, Market and Match" methods to bring the perfect customer through your perfect funnel. 
Google Adwords Services
Google Traffic and Facebook traffic are two completely separate traffic sources, and they are not the same. Using Adwords PPC is great for getting Search Traffic and Content Ad traffic (banner ads) to get contextual clicks on sites that are heavily traffic'ed with the perfect lead for your services. We also work with many 503C charities and help them get set up with $10,000 monthly Ad Grants from Google Adwords. Let us know if you need $120,000 worth of free Ad Spend this coming year?
Fun Social Contests
Want to boost the engagement on your Facebook page? Then get people to enter your contest to win stuff and by doing so, build a list, showcase new products, and get more LIKES just by having people enter the contest. People love contests and our contest system works great at getting happy fans to play and engage.
Strategic Partnerships
Let's face it... we cannot nor do we want to try to help you with EVERYTHING. As much as we'd love to try, we know when to refer and bring in our strategic partners to help you grow your business. From time to time, we may introduce you to power house players that get stuff done in ways we never could from tools, resources, and other instruments... We dig deep into our tool chest to show you who we work with and why.
Business Funding up to $250,000
If you waited until you had all the money you needed to run your business the way you wish you could, most people would be waiting a long time. We fund your dreams. Need money for capital improvements, upgrades, marketing, payroll, funnels or cryptocurrencies? We got you covered. Get 2 years interest free funding from $25k to $250k in an unsecured loan with a credit score of 650 or higher!
Hear From Our Clients
Why Hire Trafficmills Digital Marketing Consultants?
  • Experience: We've been marketing online since 1999, and know how to get leads, traffic and sales.
  • Paid Traffic: We don't mess around with "wait for it" free traffic. Serious businesses know it takes money to make money.
  • Lead Generation: Do you want more leads or do you just want to wish you had more leads? We'll definitely get you more leads, sometimes... more than you could possibly handle.
  •  Better Quality Customers: You may have customers, but what would happen if you had the BEST QUALITY CUSTOMERS, knocking on your door?
  •  Metrics - Every business needs to measure their stats and benchmarks and know their KPIs (do you know what a KPI is?). If you are not measuring, you are probably drowning and need our help!
  • Automation: Manual labor sucks. We love automation and sitting back and making leads CHASE YOU to buy into your services.
  •  Leverage: You can now leverage the experience of our marketing knowledge, design skills and funnel building success to benefit your company. Don't try to do this alone!
  • More Sales: Let's face it... the reason you are here is because you need more sales. To get sales you need to get more leads and then you need to convert those leads into customers - let us do the heavy lifting for you.
  •  Accessible - You got us on Speed-Dial! Need some help? Quick questions or long answers? Set up a call and we're here for you. We won't leave our clients behind wondering what to do next.
Our Executive Team
Our team is your team. Working with us is like having a office based marketing team, sitting in your home or office with you. We love talking on the phone, doing screen share sessions with you over Skype so you can see what's improving, sharing ideas and our results with you so you are always informed. Schedule times to chat on our appointment calendar whenever you need time to talk!

Jeff Mills - Chief Rainmaker

Jeff is a popular internet marketing speaker and consultant and has been marketing online since 1999.  With over $25 million in co-created sales with other marketing initiatives, Jeff is uniquely qualified to help your small to medium business get more leads, customers, traffic and sales. Jeff is based in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Brian Olynick - Operations Manager

Brian has been developing people, organizations and networks at home and abroad for the past 3 decades. Keenly aware that e-commerce is massive and continues to grow exponentially, he has been focusing significant time and energy in this space. Brian is passionate about helping others grow their businesses, projects and organizations leveraging strategies and systems that work.
Our Creative and Resource Team
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Trafficmills Digital Marketing specializes in helping business get more leads, traffic and sales to convert high ticket products, consulting, coaching or courses using Facebook Ads and Webinar/Video Sales Letter Funnels. If you need a "Done For You" solution, book a time below.
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